AFES Network Services LLC Acceptable Use Policy

AFES Network Services LLC Acceptable Use Policy

This statement represents guidelines for the acceptable use of AFES Network Services LLC. It is intended to be applicable only to the use of AFES Network Services LLC ("the Network"). In such instances where data communications leave "the Network" and are carried by other networks or the Internet, AFES Network Services LLC users and connecting networks are advised that the acceptable use policies of other networks are applicable, and must be complied with.


AFES Network Services LLC, "the Network" owned and operated by AFES Network Services LLC, has been established to:

Requirements of Usage:

Specifically Acceptable Uses:

Unacceptable Uses:

  • It is not acceptable to use "the Network" to connect to or interfere with any device in violation of any law of the United States or any State or Local Government having competent jurisdiction. AFES will respond to complaints of "hacking" attempts of or actual intrusion of communication systems or devices promptly and to the full extent as allowed by law.

    Limitations to transmission of email and other services

    Due to the mass marketing abuses of the Network through illegal transmission of spam or other unauthorized means of transmitting bulk email and due to the methods of attack against Internet services, AFES will block communications requests from various IP blocks from which these attacks originate.
  • We will attempt to notify administrators of IP blocks within the United States and resolve the issues as they arise in order to maintain communications with those segments of the Internet.
  • In the case of attacks originating from IP blocks assigned to forign countries, those segments of the Internet will be firewalled and communications with those segments restored only on request from competent parties.

    Reselling or unauthorized sharing of connection to the Internet including server hosting for gaming or other purposes

    Telephone Toll Charges

    It is the subscribers responsibility to ensure that any telephone number utilized to reach the network servers is toll free from their calling location or telephone prefix. AFES Network Services LLC will not accept responsibility for any long distance, toll, charges incurred by the subscriber.

    Violation of Policy:

    AFES Network Services LLC will review alleged violations of Acceptable Use Policy on a case by-case basis. Violations of policy may result in additional billing as noted, termination of services to the user and/or, when applicable, referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency for appropriate legal action.

    Usage of "the Network" constitutes an agreement to abide by these requirements.

    Usage by Non-Members:

    Payment policy: